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Term 3 Inquiry Focus

I have basically achieved my goals of getting my children to 1) Have a go at writing independently 2) Find HFWs on the blue card 3) Attempt unknown words by recording initial sounds and recording them. Due to the big focus on the basics I feel my top writers have missed out - now that the rest of the class has gained the skills they need I need to look at where to next → Essentially for my bottom bottom writers I am going to continue on with what I was doing in term 1 - they still need lots of HF words work - 4 of them are in RR so they are getting extra help this. FOCUS FOR THE REST OF CLASS: Get them to think about their AUDIENCE - how can they make their writing more interesting? Model adding in adjectives - haven’t spoken at all about these this year so will need to introduce this and talk about adding detail. They have got the sentence structure and basic skills they now need - so to sum up my Term 3 aim it is to create ‘Juicier Writing’.