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Maths PD with Jo Knox

Exploring a lesson based around the book ‘One is a snail, 10 is a crab’. This book gives the children a rich context to learning about making numbers using addition. Each number is represented by feet, e.g. a snail is one, a dog is 4, a crab is 10 so two crabs are 20 etc. 50 is 5 crabs or 10 dogs and a crab. 100 is 10 crabs, or if you are counting really slowly 100 snails. See below for pictures that represent the numbers.

Once you have read the book. I am going to say. What might I see if I see 4 feet. Have pictures of the animals from the book to stick down. They should say dog. How else could we make this number. This will be done as a group.

We have picked 3 kids from our class to sit with Jo as she models this lesson. They are NE children and haven't been at school very long at all!

Jo reading Book to kids:

1 - 1 is a snail. Now they are saying it’s one because how many feet has a snail got? 1. Logan: It doesn't have any feet!

2 - 2 is a .. can you think of anything that has 2…

Inquiry Term 4 'Making High Frequency Words Stick'

What's New?!

Kia Ora Whanau. It's a while since I last posted - please excuse me. I have returned from an amazing, almost 3 month trip around Europe. How lucky am I? I flew to London, and from there visited Greece (Mykonos and Santorini), Spain (San Sebastian), Paris, Croatia and Italy! A lot to fit into just under 3 months… I had an absolute ball.

I travelled mostly alone but met friends in Spain and Croatia. I have travelled alone through Vietnam earlier in the year and although many may think it is a lonely experience I find it quite the opposite. Staying mostly in hostels I was amazed at how many other people were travelling alone, so straight away there are people you share a common trait and conversation starter with. Travelling alone makes you get out of your comfort zone. I found myself really putting myself out there and making an effort to walk up to people and spark a conversation. I am certainly not a shy person but I think in daily life I am mostly around people I know, colleagues…