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PD with Dorothy - Visible Teaching and Learning enables Accelerated Shift

Some thoughts and tid-bits from Dorothy Burt speaking about how 'Visibility enables accelerated shift'. I found it interesting how Dorothy talked about how all of these 4 pieces to the Manaiakalani puzzle; learn, create and share, must be working together in order to get the accelerated shift that we want. You can be creating as much as you want, but as a teacher if you are not allowing them to share this then that us not the manaiakalani way, and therefore you are less likely to see shift. This is something I can definitely think about in my teaching and will need to think about next year moving into the senior school teaching Y6. 

It is vital to remember that as Teachers make a difference, even if some times we may not feel this way! We make shift happen. 

I found this excerpt, taken from Dorothy's Google Presentation particularly interesting; "Collective teacher efficacy is beyond three times more powerful and predictive than socio-economic status (0.52). It is also …