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‘Developing Mathematical Inquiry in a Learning Community', PD with Roberta Hunter

Friday 26 January 2018 - Roberta Hunter PD Day 1
‘Developing Mathematical inquiry in a learning community’. Here are some notes I have taken from our amazing PD today with Roberta Hunter. Please  note some are taken from her slides.
Maths that works for diverse learners - for all learners. Whole focus on an inquiry, children doing mathematics within an inquiry mind, thinking. There are so many places where children think it is their job to sit and listen. Children need to learn that to be good at maths they need to ask questions, children need to realise that it is their job to do their learning and thinking. A lot of children associate being bad at maths with being a ‘bad’ listener’, or ‘I can’t do maths because I fiddle all the time’.
Someone to look at/ into - William Tait - Professor in the States - stats about life expectancy - if children disengaged from mathematics at age 10 their life expectancy became less.
** Cultural context - what do the children do in YOUR area - how often…