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Inquiry 2016

School wide focus: Formative practice in reading and writing to improve student achievement.

The problem i’ve identified for my learners is that they are not writing sentences independently. There are two reasons for this: They get stuck on difficult words. They can’t find and use HFWs (high frequency words) on yellow and blue butterfly cards
Learners are not attempting unknown words by using butterfly cards or known letter sounds.
Solution Ideas: There are some other teacher addressing this HFWs Re-jig writing programme so that children who aren’t working with the Teacher are doing writing HF word, letter sound activities that will actually help them with their writing - until they are able to write independently. Focus on, read from, chant, play games with words on cards Attempting unknown words Model the thinking and trying unknown words in writing modelling (show them how you attempt words and underline without getting it right) Teach letter sounds as part of reading programme - whole class …