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Using Ready to Read Audio Books

Maths PD With Jo Knox

Today's PD was about aligning the NZ Number Framework, NZC and the National Standards. I have made some notes around things I found helpful or interesting, especially around the tests we use with our children. This is my first year teaching year 3 and the tips around Gloss I found very interesting and helpful. Thanks Jo Knox!!

Some important notes/ things to remember :

Because one curriculum Level spans 2 years - we look at early level and end of level. So in year 3 they need to be early level 5 - at the end of stage 5 by the end of year 4.

Knowledge and strategies are interwoven or interlined

We need to think about what tool is most appropriate - Jam or Gloss?

Assessment isn’t just a one-off thing … it can be a chat you have with students.

Summative - tape measure - MEASURING - gives you a mark/score. SUMMARISES what the child knows.

Formative - what can I do differently to affect the growth of that flower (student in our case) - informs what learning needs to happen.

Important thing…