Inquiry Update

Kia Ora, last week I introduced you all to my Inquiry Topic for 2018:

Here is a reminder of what that is if you missed my previous blog post:

This year I have chosen to focus my inquiry around the

Manaiakalani Achievement Challenge 6:

Lift Achievement in Maths for all students year 1- 13.

Our overarching  school focus is: Acquisition of Language.
I will be inquiring into:

Would integrating the teaching of strand maths with number, help kids to better acquire key 
mathematical language, raising their achievement?

I wanted to give you a little update this week on what I trialled in my maths class and how it went.

I started teaching Multiplication this week. I have integrated the teaching of the strand of Measurement, in particular Time.

What did I do this week to foster 'Acquisition of Language'.

1) Integrating strand into my teaching allows for the children to be exposed to rich language, and an abundance of language, basically every day. In terms of time there are so many words the children need to understand to be able to do the activity I have for them,  words like: Quarter to, half past, minutes past, hour, second, minute etc.

2) I have made all my follow up activities require that the children do a step-by-step explanation of how they solved a problem.

At the end of the week I will do an update on how these lessons have gone. 


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