PD with Dorothy Burt - Creativity Empowers Learning, Term 2

As a staff we had a look at the new Speights Ad, done by the clever folk at DDB. They have created a new 'modern' take, showing a man being a 'vulnerable' bloke and learning a dance for his wedding. The understanding here at PES is we want our children doing things with their hands, everything we do has to lead to creative thinking. At some stage, that higher level of creativity, which is shown in the Speight's ad, requires a lot of deep thinking. In our teams we had to re-do one of the old Speights ad ....that is a modern day take, with no misogynistic, sexist, racist etc, it needs to be up with times and true to what is important in today's world.We had a look at the old Toyota Bugger Ad ... which showed men on a farm making various mishaps and then proclaiming 'bugger' as they made these mistakes.  There is a woman in the ad who is hanging out the washing and it gets sprayed with mud.

We modernised our Ad, these days a ute is a sought after vehicle for men and woman, and isn't just a 'farm vehicle'. We also didn't want the woman to be known as someone who does the washing and stays at home, in our ad the woman's husband Terry stays and home and does the Washing and cooking and she goes out to do wheelies in her ute.  

If we want to empower creativity within our kids, we need to give them the opportunity for choice and agency. 


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