CoL Inquiry Update, Week 9

After our second CoL meeting yesterday, I wanted to review my Inquiry thus far this term, I feel I need to have a look at my initial problem, re word my Inquiry question, officially identify my target group and come up with a way of how I am going to MEASURE my students progress.

  1. What is my problem: My children lack the mathematical language, needed to explain how they work out a problem. In addition, this means they find it difficult to understand what many word problems are asking them to do in the first place.
  2. What is my inquiry question: Would the everyday, explicit and rich teaching of mathematical language, coupled with step by step techniques of unpacking word problems, help my learners to better understand mathematical concepts, and better answer questions and explain how they got their answer?

I feel like this has been more of the direction my inquiry has gone this term, although I am integrating a lot more strand I feel like it has become very clear that there is not only a lack of mathematical language but a lack of understanding what this actually means. My learners really struggle to answer word problems. They get caught up in the words and straight away take the numbers and either add or subtract them. I have already seen improvement in my learners ability to actually know what to do to tackle a maths word problem.

An example of what I have been teaching them is to first look at the question and
  1. Figure out what is is asking us to do. What are the relevant, or important numbers in the question.
  2. We have spoken about the word ‘context’ and what this means. With every question I have introduced to the children they have had to explain the context of it.
  3. The third step is to explain, step by step how you SOLVED the problem.

How do I plan to measure the progress my children make? I want to video the learners in my target group before the end of the term. What language do they use to help them explain how they figured out the question. Do they have enough knowledge and understanding of the language in the question to figure it out in the first place? What is their confidence like? Do they hesitate in answering the question? Recording my target group in T4 will hopefully show the fantastic progress they have made!


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