Manaiakalani Teachers Learn Create Share, Staff Meeting Term 1

Community of Adult Learners 

Visible, connected, empowered, ubiquitous

“How can we come together and integrate our expertise and our knowledge to address significant problems?”
Graeme Aitken

Superficial Collaboration .. its knowing about each other passing through each others' lives but no deeply knowing each other.

We are building on the amazing stuff that teachers are doing and collaborating in a way that is made possible through our ability to share what we are doing - Go Us!

Manaiakalani - Using meta-analysis to identify what works

If teachers are going to have a pedagogy thats going to make a difference to children, you need to understand what your goals are, and what difference you are going to make. If one of the things you want to achieve for example, is that 
you want all of your learners to be interested in what they are doing in class, how are you going to show evidence that they are actually more engaged?

3 things you need to do as a teacher

1. Enjoyment
2. Interest
3. Life long learners

If they are not enjoying what they are doing then they are not going to learn. 

Building confidence is so important: I CAN do it! The children need to leave the teacher with a sense that they can do it themselves. 

Effective Teaching

How have you incorporated this to impact your practise in 2018? If you made an impact last year, and you are not using the essence behind that in your teaching, what is the point of al your learning from the year before. You must BUILD on this learning.

What did you do last year and where is it taking you this year?

Key Note

We had a look at the way we can use Keynote in the classroom. Their updated version has a very shapes tool, with over 500+ new shapes. This is a great alternative to use in the classroom, or instead of google presentations. I want to have a go using this a lot more, I feel the quality of some of my presentations have been lacking. It is also going to save me a lot of time searching for images that are reusable. 


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